and the oscar goes to…


ENG. Oscars are coming soon, and it seems that this year Avatar is going to win as the best movie. Usually I do not really love the films that win this prize, but this year I think it is the worst I can ever remember. Not only because there is some other good films on the list that deserve to win, but also because the only “good” thing that can consider Avatar as a good movie is the special effects.

If Oscars have to become a trophy for 3D effects, please, just award Up!, which it is an amazing well-done animation film that, in addition, has an incredible script. Seriously, the part where they are able to explain the long love story between Carl and Ellie with only images and music it’s incredible. You can take a look here and judge yourself.

In my case, and as some of my moviegoers friends, even though Avatar is going to win, I’m still not going.


2 thoughts on “and the oscar goes to…

  1. I haven’t seen avatar yet, but I’ve seen “En tierra hostil” or in english “The hurt locker”, and I think that maybe in special effects may win Avatar but the best film is this one. I wish the ones who choose the best film have a little of sense.

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