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ENG. Since my friend Stacey told me about this lomo pics from all over the world, I have been thinking on doing something similar. I do really like photography, cityguides and writing, so I finally found a perfect combination of this elements. The consequence is this photoguide, a review of different european cities from a catalan low cost tourist. Opinions, feelings and even the pictures turn this into a completelly personal view of the places I’ve been to, so do not expect to find a guide of things you must see and things you must do. I guess if you enjoyed the postss I already wrote, you would agree with the feelings I got while travelling and, if not, my advice is you to buy one of the fantastic Lonely Planet citybooks, where everything is written in a much more precise way than me.

Anyway, my first stop to start this photoguide is London and the pictures where taken in january 2010, in a surprisingly sunny days in the main city of England. Unlike other cities, I guess there is no really need of presentations, so there it is:

big red buses are not only in english books!

There is an advantage of being a city where it always rain: there is lots of green areas. If you have the chance to be there when it's sunny, you can even sit on the grass and enjoy life. This was in Colliers Wood and, despite it was sunny, it was january was frozen. Yes, weather really sucks in London.

Soho is not, as it seems, a hippy street with lots of love. It's nice, yes, but it is probably because of its vintage shops not that crowded as in Oxford street, just a few meters ahead. In addition, it was sales times, can you imagine me there? Me neither.

big ben is not that big.

In Bushy Park there is deers walking around and they look cute, but there is a big advice warning you about them, as they bite. I finally decided not to risk my life and not feed them with anything.

Campton park is the park where Henry VIII had his palace and all the trouble with Bolena sisters. It is nice to walk around, but you feel quite weird when you think that, if it was the XV century, all the womans walking in the park could be part of his games, including yourself (he married Catalina de Aragón and he dumped her...). London can make you think, too, about obsession and its consequences.

Hop off in Neal's Yard, a narrow street in central London that it is said you will only find by chance. Besides drinking coffee, which is always a good thing to do (I must prevent you: London coffee is not that good), you will probably change your mind about the city: it's not grey!

There is really a lot of red phone booth, most of them smelly and useless. Only recommended if you really want to have a typical London picture as a souvenir. After that, I perfectly understand why The Clash called its famous album "London Calling".

Norman Foster's built this dome in the British Museum. It is the only thing that deserves the attention in this place, as the whole area is just some pathetic circus of tourists taking randomn pictures of themselves with millenary stolen art.

Westimnster abbey looks nice from the outside and the austrian girl who was guiding us said it was also interesting from the inside. Never went in, though. The prices of monuments in London are extremelly expensive for low cost tourists like me.

Yes it was free. Yes it was modern art. Yes it was awesome.

The houses were so typical that I felt I was in a british film. From the inside, they are nice and comfortable but most of them are quite far from the city center. Have the opportunity to hear the real "mind the gap" in the tube may cost you a bit (around 5 euros one way from the city to the suburbs)

I think fish&chips, the typical english dish, is going to be replaced soon either for chinese noodles or turquish kebabs. We'll see who wins the battle, it's hard for them as they also have to kick indian curry chicken, american sandwiches and italian pizza.

altough people working in touristical places are quite rude, I consider british kind and good hosts (when I get to know what are they talking about).

I finally enjoyed London a lot but I guess any city is good if you have the chance to be there with someone who usually lives in the city and walks you around. However, I won't think I would enjoy living there a long time, I'm definatelly not a big city girl. And I have curly hair, so I hate rain.


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