are chinese cats a recipe for happiness?

english, others/altres

ENG. Once upon a time a golden lucky cat came to my life. It was a present from my friend Stacey, mainly to make fun of the movements that those cats do all the time (I’m affraid to admit that mine doesn’t do this anymore, the batteries were chinese…) and that I constantly imitated. After a while, another lucky cat came to me. That time, there were three of them and they didn’t used batteries anymore but a little solar panel. Can you imagine them? Yes, they do shake all day long and they make you feel less lonely. Finally, this week I got the third present and, despite it is not figure, there’s a lot of them in the envelope that my friend Joan sent to me. I think they are kind of cute and they are also kind, saying hi to everyone that stopped  by in your house. I also know that Chinese tradition thinks that this cats would bring you luck in your life. It seems, then, that chinese cats are the solution to all the troubles in your life.

Maybe my history will finish with a “and they lived happily ever after”. Sounds good.


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