a touch of spice

cinema, english, food

ENG. It seems that mixing a film with food turns always into a good recipe. At least, this is what happens with “Politiki kouzina” (a touch of spice), 2003 greek movie from Tassos Boulmetis.

It’s absolutelly not everything about the food in this film, but it is a good way to explain the story using the starters, the main dishes and the dessert as a timeline. It is an excuse to show the story of a greek family living in Istambul and deported a few years later to Greece because of the Cyprus invasion.

It’s also a love story, a familar story, a drama which uses cuisine to spice up the life that seems no longer sweet and nice. Fanis, the protagonist, would also have to realize, in his way back to Istambul, that he also needs to put a bit of spices to his own life to discover the beauty of it all.

Highly recomended if you like cuisine, turkish culture and independent movies. This is actually on of the quotes I liked from the film:

Appetizers are similar to stories which tell of far away journey’s flavours and aromas seduce your senses and prepare you for an adventurous journey. That’s why the Greek word for return (επιστροφή) conceals within it the word turn (στροφή), which conceals within it the word food (τροφή).

Bon appetit!


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