we create chemistry.

advertising, english

ENG. Despite I’m enjoying my holidays, my mind can’t stop thinking on what I usually study about so any good advertising can keep my attention easily. That’s what happened while I was watching the National Geographic channel (don’t laugh, it’s kind of interesting) and I saw this ad from the chemical company Basf. I thaught it would be really effective as an advertising campaign but, for a moment, I wasn’t thinking on this stuff but on what the ad meant to be.

I like the first quote: “we believe that if love is a chemical reaction, chemistry has the chance to make the world a more harmonious place“.

Isn’t it true? How awesome can chemistry be? I never thaught about that, and now I regret not paying that much attention in my school time. Actually, they never told us about those amazing facts, so I can understand why I was so bored in class… They say chemistry makes good relations between people, that’s probably the reason why I was spoking to someone at class… Now I see, it’s chemical’s fault!


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