europe (not in my eyes, yet).


ENG. I’m trying to find the time to work on a new photoguide. While I can’t do this and I can not travel either, there is some nice pictures from different places I would like to visit any time soon around Europe. Some of them are breathaking, so I hope I would ever have the chance to shoot something like that. After doing this post, I’m wondering if there is any place I don’t want to travel to because it seems that the list can last for ever…:

Ireland. (picture by Edward Dullard in flikr)

Copenhaguen, Denmark ( picture by Santi Martin in flickr)

Napoli, Italy (picture in flickr)

Hamburg, Germany (picture by  johannes pape in flickr)

Krakow, Poland (picture by smif in flickr)

Normandie, France (picture by maiptitfleur in Flickr)

Geneve, Switzerland (picture by Rubinho1)

Stockholm, Sweden (picture by Andreas Edler)

Mills in Holland

Innsbruck, Austria (picture by Cristina 63)

Castle Stalker in Scotland (picture by *Michelle*(xena2542)-on /off flickr)

Santa Sophia church in Istambul, Turkey (picture by vainas)

Mostar, Bosna

Trakai Castle in Lithuania (picture by foje64)

Aurora in Iceland or Norway (picture by orvaratli)


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