playing with nespresso.

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ENG. As I already said, I tried to give Nespresso capsules a second life, and I realised it was extremely easy:

I played tic-tac-toe (of course I won, I was playing alone..!)

I built the Pisa tower…

…and destroyed it a few seconds later, it was not enough!

After that I tried to wrote something, but I didn’t had enough

enough capsules to write something original

So I finally decided to “draw” something funny…

Despite I’d to admit (again) that I’m terrible at it.

However, I had so much fun before my sister convert them into jewellery =)


2 thoughts on “playing with nespresso.

  1. Ever since I tried it at your house, I haven’t stopped raving about them and today I had them for the second time at a Nespresso party.

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