the show must go on.

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CAT. Demà és el Madrid-Barça i és evident que no ase falta desir nada más. Per la nostra societat, un partit d’aquestes característiques és tant trascendental (alguns li diuen el partit de l’any) que sembla que per uns moments el país conté la respiració, deixa de banda tots els problemes i durant 180 minuts es concentra en disfrutar de l’enfrontament. En el futbol no importen les crisis, els desencisos o les penúries personals… Aquesta temporada l’espectacle està assegurat i, tot i ser temps de vacas flacas, the show must go on!

ENG. For us, a football match between Barça and Madrid means a paralised country. Tomorrow is the big day and, without exception, thousands of people will be in front of a screen watching the match. For a moment, it seems there’s no crisis anymore, it seems that troubles are left behind in order to enjoy 180 minutes of game. It is like the country takes a deep breath and anything doesn’t matter anymore. This season, it seems the match it’s going to be legendary (both are on the first position fighting really hard to win the championship) so, despite being bad times for most of us, the show must go on!


One thought on “the show must go on.

  1. Congratulations… oh and I saw Real Madrid and Barcelona potato chips in the office where the Sports writers are, sooo cool. hhahahaha

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