my weekend

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CAT. Per un cop a la vida, he aconseguit fer una traducció en imatges del que ha estat el meu cap de setmana:

ENG. My weekend translated into images, a bit different that I usually do:

Tot va començar amb una passejada al voltant de l’Hospitalet per adonar-me que no és, ni de bon tros, tant lleig ni perillós com el pinten.

It started with a walk around my neighbourhod to realise it is not that ugly and not that scary!

Seguit d’un enfarinament del marbre de la cuina (i tota jo) per fer pizza (bunihima, no perquè sàpigui cuinar, sinó perquè la pizza sempre és bona)

I baked pizza, which was awesome (pizza always is)

Dissabte vaig fer una llarga passejada entre les birgueries florals a Girona durant el Temps de Flors abans de que es panseixin.

I was in Girona for the Temps de Flors (Time for flowers or something like that) and got surprised to see how many things you can do with only a few flowers!

Pictures here.

I el diumenge vaig fotografiar fins la sacietat llesques de pa de motlle pel treball de final de carrera (algunes van acabar al meu estòmac, per si us pica la curiositat).

On sunday, I shoot thousands of bread pictures for my final year project (and ate some of them, of course)

La idea era deixar-ho tot preparat perquè…

The idea was to got everything ready because…

…és el meu cumple! I aquest és el regal del meu pare, dos patitos, per si de cas se’m oblida quants n’he fet 🙂

…it’s my birthday! I am turning 22 and this is why my father bought me that. In spanish we use to say that 22 years it’s like “2 little ducks”, as the number 2 totally looks like a duck. Awesome! 🙂


4 thoughts on “my weekend

  1. you guys have symbolic items for every occasion!! (like the shitting boy for the nativity) hahaha love it.

  2. I love these photos! You have a great eye for photography. I hope you don’t mind but I posted your photo of Temps de Flors on my blog. So lovely =)

    1. Not at all, it is actually an honour to be in your lovely blog! Hope you get to post something else if you like it 🙂
      and keep doing what you do, I’ve been following you and there are really nice stuff in there.

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