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ENG. I really, really suck at drawing. Seriously. I mean, how come I am so bad? Is it genetic? Is it destiny that wants to punish me? I don’t really know and, despite all my lousy artistic qualities, I managed to draw that dragon with Illustrator for a friend who asked me to.

I know it is not good at all, but today hasn’t been the best day ever so I decided to motivate myself with something I don’t really suck at. It is not obviously drawing, but somehow this drawing made me realised that if I got to do something that looks a bit like the thing I wanted to (and not like a frog or anything that is green), then I can possibly do this things that I feel I am good at. So, the conclusion of the dragon (I should admit I’m a bit embarassed to show it down)  is that I must keep on trying to get what I want. And I will, for sure. Thanks you ugly thing! And thanks you too for reading this whole bunch of bullshit!


2 thoughts on “auto-dragon-motivation.

  1. Dona, no està tan malament. El meu nivell de dibuix s’assimila al d’un nen de 8 anys, així que aquest està força bé, i si et segueixes esforçant ho faràs encara millor. Jejeje Cuida’t!

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