Girona photoguide

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Girona is one of the nicest cities in Catalunya that you should totally take a look on if you ever stop by here. Of course you should visit Barcelona first, the magnificient and beautiful city. But, if you can find the time, Girona is the perfect place for a one-day excursion (1h far from Barcelona by train). It is difficult to explain in words what makes Girona different from the other catalan cities; it may be because of it’s sort of a charming and peaceful place, I don’t know. I think it would be better to just show you in images:

You should visit the center, full of narrow streets, part of the ancient jewish headquarter. Now it is part of the historical center, but it is still narrow, street and dark, as it was on the past. It seems nothing changed here!

Girona is placed on a hill, so provide yourself with a comfortable pair of shoes, as there is lots of steps to climb down. And up, of course. Come on, sport can be fun, too!

Perfect place to enjoy sunny days, either walking around or drinking something in a terrace. However, if it's cold you should totally go to this place and ask for a cup of hot chocolate. Actually, can't wait for winter to come!

If you like photography and colourful spaces, this is your city. You just have to walk around any of the bridges that croos the Onyar river and boum! they will bring colours into your life, for sure. Do not forget the Eiffel bridge, which was actually built by the Eiffel architecture studio, so cool, right?

In may the city gets dressed with thousands of flowers everywhere (seriously, everywhere you can ever imagine, like the river or also in a bin). This special ocasion is called "Temps de Flors" (something like "Time for Flowers"). It is gorgeous, creative and magnificient. So, yes, spring is also a good time for travelling to Girona!

Obviously you can also do seightseeing in Girona. Do not forget the cathedral, the arabic baths and the ancient wall. The wall is also good if you like panorama views and let your imagination fly like you were still living in the middle age.

People tend to say about the city that "Girona m'enamora", also used in advertising, of course. The translation would be something like "Girona makes me fall in love" (love to the city). Apparently, the signs are everywhere in the city, aren't they? ^^


One thought on “Girona photoguide

  1. Buff… pos no en fa de temps que no vaig a Girona. Des dels 14 o 15 anys. xD Això es que cau massa lluny. Haurè d’aprofitar algun dia d’aquests que no saps que fer per barna i anar-hi.

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