Show us your type

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Show us your type, part of the Neue online magazine. Easy to understand what they are asking for, right? The interesting thing is that the type you have to show corresponds every time to a different city. Barcelona, NY and Berlin had already been “typographed”. This are a few of my favourites:

Berlin (more here)

Aurora Moreno Pavon / Porto

Emory Allen / Minneapolis

Felix Ewer / Essen

Ivan Hvam Hvam / Aarhus

Jose Medina / Barcelona

Lais Kantor / Sao Paulo

Raul Ferris / Valencia

Barcelona (more here)

Bernat Calvo / Barcelona

Diego Feijóo / Barcelona

BlondGirl&BestBoy/ Barcelona

Jordi Sabat / Barcelona

Lisa Rienermann / Berlin

Martí Guixé / Barcelona

Sophie Lepinoy / London

Artiva Design / Genova


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