Searching for the perfect coffee shop.

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Where is it? That’s what Hank Leukart wonders in this great essay (he doesn’t even like coffee but he is still trying to find it, awesome!).

I don’t have a favourite one in the world, as I havn’t travelled that much either, but I try to keep in mind all of those places in which I had a good time. Usually is not only the cosy atmosphere, the good coffee (I trully love coffee) or the right decoration what is important, but the people with who you are sharing those moments.

I remember lots of good moments I had spent in coffee shops, but I can’t stop smiling when I remember this time in Barcelona with my friend Stacey. We went into a really cosy place called Cafè Caelum in which we thaught we would have a good coffee (we both are looking for the perfect coffee cup I guess) and I must admit the place was nice. Our surprise was, when leaving the place, we discovered that it was a sort of catholic coffee and all the money they were raising would go to a monastery. We aren’t really christian (nor even other churches) friends, so we were kind of disapointed. If you know latin, you would easily remember that “Caelum” means “Heaven”. Oh, well, I guess I wasn’t listening that day at class…!

Anyway, even thaugh I’d promise I would never gave money to a church (even if it’s for a delicious cup of coffee), that day I failed in my attempt to follow my own rules. But, still, what I will always remember about this day it’s not the taste of the coffee and not even the name of the place, but the moments I shared with a good friend there, and the fun we made after our silly mistake. From now on, I might be trying to find the perfect coffee place, but always going there with some friend, so the day I’ll find it, I would share my impression with someone!

(The picture is actually from that day in that coffee)


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