National Coffee day

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I totally missed yesterday’s national day for coffee. How could I? As a coffee lover I should be updated about this big event. Oh well, that could be because here in France the coffee sucks, and it’s even worst at the office, where we only have Nescafé

To commemorate that, there’s a few links from around the web about one of the best pleasures in life:

– Lonely Planet: Caffeine-fuelled travel: the world’s top coffee spots

– The Huffington Post: 2010 National Coffee day (photos)

– Without Baggage: Searching for the best coffee shop

– Fünf Gemüse: Searching for the best perfect coffee shop

– Tumblr: Coffee, Coffee comic

– The White Stripes: one more cup of coffee

– Fünf Gemüse: Best coffee ever

– Flickr: Coffee pictures, The coffee cup or Coffee art

– Coffee quotes


4 thoughts on “National Coffee day

    1. Hey I love it! Is it you who sings? Don’t worry I’ll post it for sure in my blog after Christmas and make you a bit of free advertising. Merry Xmas for you too 🙂

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