International Suit Up Day

advertising, english, television

ENG. Fall has come, cold is just around the corner and we are all sad because excitings things from summer are gone now. But hey, fall is not that bad when best shows are coming back. How I met Your Mother hasn’t dissappointed me at all and maybe during this season we’ll even be lucky and we’ll sort it out who the hell is the mother of this two annoying kids sitting on the sofa since the last five years.

Anyway, the danish suits brand Poise has created this website and this event on Facebook, pretending to turn 17th of october into the International Suit Up Day. Apparently, 631.568 persons are attending the event for the moment, so that means thousands of mans would be wearing suits all over the world. I hope I get to see someone following the day, don’t you think boys wearing suits are kind of hot?

Yeah, it’s deffinatelly going to be legen…wait for it…dary! (the advertising campaign is pretty awesome too)


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