Sand art

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ENG. When I was a kid and my parents brought me to the beach (even though we are not really enthusiastics about that) I used to draw radomn stuff on the sand and see how the waves erased it. I actually still do that nowadays, I like the fact that you know how ephemeral is, and that it’s live is just a few seconds long. Samuel Dougados (Sam) which his headquarter is in Biarritz (France) does this “beach art” that you can see below. He obviously do it not so close to the waves so he can, at least, finish the drawing and take a picture of it. But, still, the art is not going to last, it’s also something that sooner or later will be gone for ever. Perhaps this is the beauty of it all, the ephemeral things that make us happy just for an instant but happy after all. However, as we all like to keep memories from this moments, there are a few of my favourites:

(Via Staf Magazine)

Click here to see Sam’s flickr


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