Farm Ville vs Real Farms

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ENG. Being a girl who grown up in a farm made me be really sceptic about the Facebook’s popular game FarmVille. Even though people could think farm life is fun, bucolic and idilic they are usually wrong. If you love it, yes, it can be fun sometimes but it is also really hard, there is no holidays and no one actually gives you any garantee that the business is going to work: cows die, wheat doesn’t grow, bad weather destroys everything…Plus, there is no one, not even friends, who is going to give you free trees or free animals.

This is why I love this chart below (even if it is for the US), where they compare both farmers in Farmville and in real life. There you can see that being a farmer is not as bucolic as we may think. And, actually, if you spend your whole day surfing on the Internet I can assure you nothing is going to grow!


(Via Social Media Graphic)


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