Yummy Ikea.

advertising, english, photography

Ikea, the swedish company who sells ready-to-assemble furniture, appliances and home accessories always seems to want more. Now they are preparing a cooking book with 30 traditional classic swedish baking recipes. It is called ‘Hembakat är Bäst‘ (homemade is best) and it has been designed and shooted by Carl Kleiner and Evelina Bratelli.

Usually all cooking books look the same, and that’s the reason why they decided to do something different. Inspired by high fashion and japanese minimalism they have created recipes that focus on the design, and the ingredients.

In one page they present all the ingredients with a geometrical design and colourful backgrounds. On the next page you are able to see the result, which turns to be both surprising and inspiring.

With this campaign, Ikea pretend to connect their kitchen tools with what you can do best at home: bakery. I don’ know if the pictures will help them to seel more of their stuff, but it’s sure they are going to make us look at recipe books differently from now on. I am not a big fun of bakery, but I would eat all of them, won’t you?

See more pictures from the book here, or more food pictures by Carl Kleiner here or here. (how photogenic macarons are?)

(Via Otra forma de fotografiar comida, blog El Comidista)



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