About distance.


Living abroad has both his positive and negative sides. Let’s face it: distance sucks. There’s always someone you want to be next to, no matter if it’s family or friends. When something wrong happens, you always feel guilty about you having left, and the worst thing is you can’t do anything about it. When good things happens you also feel guilty, as you weren’t there to share it. As I said, distance sucks.

Good news is that most of days are routin, and even where you are far you have good and bad moments, so little by little you just finish by building your own life anywhere you are. Plus, living abroad gives you experiences that you would never be able to have if you stayed, even if that means missing some good (or bad) moments with the ones you love.

I would never change what I have, but sometimes I just wish I had a teletransportation system to be home when needed. Let’s face it: living abroad it’s extraordinary, but getting a hug from your mum when you come back home, that’s priceless.

ps. this and this are both two great photoblogs from people who are far away from each other.


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