The paper quilt project.

art, design, english

ENG. I love collages. I love to do collages even if I am not very good at. I grab all piece of papers I found around, postcars, magazines and more just to have stuff to do those collages. Someday I might show you a few, but today what I wanted to do was showing you this awesome project: The Paper Quilt Project, in which every month, 12 artists reinterpret the same theme. According to Dawbis, the person who runs this blog:

They were given a packet of scrap paper, a tiny 3 1/2” x 5” bristol canvas and plenty of room to interpret the project’s theme, “A Day in my Life.” At the end of every month, the original collages were returned to eventually be sewn together to create 12 amazing and unique paper quilts.

This are a few of my favourites, but you should check her flickr or her tumblr to see all of them:


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