Wanderlust Hotel Singapore

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ENG. I love design hotels. I have just found this really cool one called Wanderlust, placed in Singapore. A 4-floor building with a specific topic in each one. I also love their website, and their concept. Since I already have great friends in Singapore I still there’s no more reasons left not to include the country in my “must do” list…!

This is how the different floors are divided:

Lobby Level – Industrial Glam by Asylum
A juxtaposition of the surrounding’s setting and contemporary design.

Level 2 – Eccentricity by :phunk Studio
Colours everything from the walls to the neon lights and the rainbow corridor leads to a outdoor deck with a customised mosaic-tiled jacuzzi.

Level 3 – Is it just Black and White by DP Architects
Walk across the black corridor and enter into the contrasting white rooms to discover Origami and Pop-Art works.

Level 4 – Creature Comforts by fFurious
Get cosy with friendly monsters in each room that presents a different vibe and be assured of a fantasy-filled experience.

And this are a few pictures of the hotel:

More pictures in their website here.


2 thoughts on “Wanderlust Hotel Singapore

  1. Rez and I were just talking about getting a room here and having a party, but too expensive! 😦 Maybe when you come 🙂

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