Google postcards

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ENG. The best Christmas postcard I have seen so far this year is the google home page one. They have converted their corporates logo in a wall with different paintings. Each painting represents one country and one Christmas tradition. For example the first one is the Saint Basil’s Cathedral in Moscow (Russia):

Like this there is other buildings and traditions from all over the world like the Achropolis (Greece), the Sidney bridge (Australia), Santa Claus or the bûche de Noël, the typical cake for Christmas here in France. I love it, the idea and the design. Couldn’ think of a better way to say you all Merry Christmas. I am going back home for Christmas, as most people in the world I guess. I am not taking a plane so I hope not to get stucked in any train station, and I hope everybody can make it to be home with their families, which is an amazing thing to do at least once a year.

So I’ll be back next week, have all a merry merry Christmas.


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