Cool 2011 Calendars

art, design, english, ilustration, photography

ENG. Too bad 2011 has only 365 days, I don’t have time to use them all!

Valerie Jar. Her shop here.

Studio on Fire, available here. 30 US dollar.

Coccodrillo Calendar. Here for 17 euros.

The Mibo 2011 Printable Calendar. In the etsy shop for 4.35 US dollar.

2011 Calendar – A Year in the Kitchen. By smackofjellyfish Etsy Shop. Could be yours for only 20 USD.

2011 Holiday Screen Printed Deer Organic Calendar Tea Towel. 25 USD here. Made by Laura Trimmell.

Magnetic 2011 hand drawn calendar. 12 USD in the Graphicgrain Etsy Shop.

Venice Calendar for 23 USD here, in irenesuchocki Etsy’s shop.

2011 Library Card Calendar made by irenesuchocki. 16,50 USD here.



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