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ENG. I love cooking. I am not really good at it, but I like the plesaure of converting the ingredients into something that you can actually eat, and also how relaxing all the procedure is. Internet has tons of cooking blogs, and it would be impossible to follow them all. But here are a few of the ones I use to take a look, plus some tips:

My Cooking Diary. Love the design and how easy all her dishes are. I also love their Moleskine drawings.

30 recettes pour les nuls en cuisine (in french). Super easy recipes for kitchen dummies. You can even get to do a chocolat fondant, so you might like to take a look here.

The Wednesday Chef, a blog written from Berlin by Luisa Weiss, a girl who grew up in Berlin with American father an Italian mother. It is sure that her pasta recipes are awesome. Follow also her blog about Berlin’s food here.

Smitten Kitchen. I think if ever tried to do one of her great recipes the result wouldn’t look at all to what they share in the blog. They are also into food’s photography, so it’s cool to see not only their recipes but also the way they show them.

El Comidista (in Spanish). A blog not only with recipes but also with everything related to the cuisine’s world: trends, chefs, food design, etc. Love it.

Tiny Urban Kitchen. Written from Cambridge, I like it really much because she has lots of oriental recipes, like the picture above. Jen also blogs about many other things, like restaurants.

If you are also a Nutella and breakfast you should take a look to 80 breakfasts, a blog with loooots of breakfast ideas.

You might like to have fun stuff around, then you should check out the french brand Pylones.

Or have this Moka Coffee illustration made by Sandra Juto in your kitchen’s wall.

Well, now I must only say, bon appetit!


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