McDonalds, your end is coming slowly.

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ENG. The fact that I hate McDonalds doesn’t surprise anyone who has evern known me. I couldn’t resist smiling when I heard that McDonald’s is trying to reinveint their business. Their idea is to open a restaurant where no hamburgers are served, but only salads. The choosen place for this new concept is La Défense, one of the “chics” cosmopolites neighbourhouds in Paris, where most of the big enterprises are.

The idea is to sell salads, which will help improve their corporate image and which are way more expensive than a hamburger. Also, the aim to get new customers, which is not an easy job on those days. The result is a 7 euro make-yourself salad. My question is, even if it’s green, it might still be not healthy. How easy (and cheap) would be to make this salads with tomatoes and carrots genetically modified? Well, just in case, I am still not going to McDonalds. You might be green, but you are still McDonalds, so you are evil.



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