Art Project

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ENG. Not a long time ago we had the chance, with Google Earth, to visit a few art galleries around the globe and admire some of their paintings in high resolution. Pictures were extremely precise, and you could see details that you havn’t noticed, even if you had seen the same painting hanging in the museum. This week, Google has launched a new version of this prototipe called Google Art Project, where 17 museums show their artwork online (around 1000 paintings can be seen9.

This time, you have the possibility to take a look not only to the paintings, shooted in high resolution, with the most awesome details but also the galleries where all of them are hanging, following the concept of Google Street View. Some important museums like the MOMA in New York, the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam or the Reina Sofia in Madrid are part of this project, and also some important art works like this ones:

El Nacimiento de Venus, Botticelli.

Les Balerines, Degas.

La Nuit Etoilée, Vincent Van Gogh.

Chateau Noire, Paul Cézanne.

This project has both positive and negative sides, I guess. In one hand you have the chance to see some artwork in HD without even move from your sofa, and for free! On the other hand, though, I am not sure this would be comparable to the feeling of coming into one of this museums and discover all those masterworks. Even if I can see Van Gogh with 30 gigapixels High Quality picture, it would never make my heart stop beating! So, for the moment, MOMA, you’ll get my money if I ever have the chance to visit New York!


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