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ENG. This weekend was really cool. I went with some friends to an animals recovery center, where they took care of wild animals that had been hurt someway. I was lucky enough as they let me release one of this animals into the wild. It was a little owl that had crashed with a storefront not far from where I live. I think I wouldn’t be able to describe you the way you feel in that moment, it’s so magical. The animal was really calm so I could hold him for a few seconds, it’s way lighter than expected, and the wings are really really soft. The whole experience was really amazing, as you know the animal will have a second chance thanks to this recovery center.

Anyway, after that I started to look around the Internet for stuff related to owls, and I was surprised to see so many nice things around. I didn’t imagine there was so many cute stuff in Etsy, so look at that:


Handstamped owls, from SupplyOwl’s shop on Etsy

Red and Peacock Blue Owl Earflap Hat from Totzhatz

Owl small clutch, made by Gracefulcrafts

designedDESIGNER’s shop on Etsy sells this nice owl wallstickers

Little owl’s print by ashleypercival

Owl’s watch by weekend shop

Owl hoodie, made by 1AEON in NY

Blissful shop made this Slim Bifold wallet

Sammy the owl ornament by Storytale

Inblue made this small leather handprinted journal

Macbook decal by Macdecals2010 shop on Etsy

Owl Pillow, by zenthreads

Sleep Eye Mask made by doodlebugsfunfabrics

Of course I want them all, but if you want even more owl stuff you can take a look in here.




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