Anti-Valentine’s day gift ideas

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ENG. Valentine’s day sucks. Yes, I am sorrry, but this apology of love, hearts and red colour around makes me sick, and I can’t help it. If you share this feeling with me you might like to take a look to all this stuff:

I’m sorry, it was only about the chocolate termo from Holiday Place

The Ex knife holder

Shakespeare hates your emo poems Tshirts


Unfortunate fortunate cookies.

Replace ordinary fortunes such as, “A thrilling time is in your immediate future,” with pure magic like, “You just ate cat”.


Miranda July Pillowcase Set

Unwedding ring

Love stinks like farts

Cute angry flower magnet

I hate Valentine’s Day for being a day where you MUST buy something, and I think love can be shown any day in many other ways. I guess, then, than even all those anti-valentine’s day might be funny I would be following this consumption trend as well, so I guess I’ll just stay home on the 14th february : )



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