2011, the arabic 1968

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ENG. Occidentals started 2011 with the hope of this economical crisis to be over, waiting what weird thing Lady Gaga would do next, wondering when Iphone 5 will be launched and an endless list that seems so important to us in this moment. However, something is going on in some arabic countries. 2011 started really different for them, as this is the year they decided that they had enough dictatorship, that they want freedom above everything. That’s why they are on the streets, protesting day after day to get the only thing that the don’t have, just like frenchs did in 1968 or spanish after the dead of Franco.

It all started with Tunez, and then Egipcians decided the time had arrived. Now Syria and also Yemen are starting similar revolutions. For once, we don’t look at them with fear of what their religion might cause to our culture, but with some sort of secret pride that remains what our parents and grandparents did. And also with some sort of shame, as they care for something that isn’t only material stuff.

Because it is evident that any occidental commodity, nor Facebook, nor fashion stores nor Grammys can be comparable to the right that all human being has to decide to have freedom of speech and freedom to decide who want them to be their politicians.

This is are a few interisting things from around the web related to the egiptian revolution:

The Big Picture blog, pictures in HD with this post and this one.

LiveBlog, the revolution reported


El Pais, interactive map of the african revolutions

Organisation of the camp clickable map, BBC news

Despite Internet was cutted down, egiptians figured out how to comunicate, and Google helped them

Design in the revolution, post in Random Specific blog

How Twitter responded to Egypt crisis article in Onlinemarketing-trends blog

Australian Day of Action to Support the people of Egypt

Anonymous shutted down Egiptian regime websites

This sign claims ““LEAVE, my wife wants to give birth and the baby doesn’t want to see your face!”. 45 more translations of protest signs can be found here

In Egypt, Woman Kisses Riot Officer In Protest article here



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