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ENG. There is a lot of cool stuff on the Net, everybody knows that. What you might not know (yet) are those three websites I want to introduce you today. I’ve choosen them because they are creative, fun and have something that it is not common to find online. So, here they are:

1. Modern Art Timeline

In this site you can found the principal painters of the modern times, with their most famous paintings. According to the author of the site,this site was creted because art is fun ( I totally agree on that) and because it’s exciting and relevant to everybody, even though people do not know that yet. I like his idea that anyone’s taste in art is valid, even though you are just a scholar. So, I invite you all to enjoy this site, who covers from impressionism (Manet, Monet and his friends) to Pop Art, with Andy Warhol as the icon of the generation.

Visit the site here.

2. Proppian Fairy Tale Generator

If you ever have studied someting related to literature, narrative, script writing or similar you would probably heard about Vladimir Propp, a russich teacher who first analyzed the basic plot components of Russian folk tales to identify their simplest irreducible narrative elements. According to his theory, all fairytales have always 8 diferent possible characters, such as the hero, the villain or the princess or prize. His work has been critisied but it is still taught in schools (I can assure you this). A thesis from three students from Brown University, combining both technology and Propp’s theories created this fairy tale generator to explore the contemporary rewriting of tales.

In the generator you can choose some of the classics functions, some of the classical characters and you would get a reinterpretation of it, adapted to our times. Really interesting experiment and also really interesting results, made by students Celeste Lim, Laura Tan and Nicole Wee.

Visit the generator here.

3. Cnt Tower Timelapse

The Cnt Tower in Toronto gets the protganositm in this interesting flash animation. Roll the mouse over the image and you’ll see the time pass. This blog has also many other interesting pictures and animations, made by Sam Javanrouh, an Irian living in Canada.

See the animation here and the author’s photoblog here.



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