Kitchen stuff I would buy

cuisine, design, english

Urban Garden: outer bags with inner sack with a watertight PVC, where you can put all different kind of plants, available for any time while cooking.

Traditional Russian matryoshkas measuring cups.

Mix Stix are classic indispensable beechwood spoons, morphed into drumsticks

Helvetiva cookie cutters

Magical sapors, by Arthur Xin.


Paper Towel stand by Koziol

Write-On Glassware (This would be so helpful for me)

Rubik’s cup Salt and Pepper mill


But I think I would wait to buy all this when I would have a gorgeous kitch like this one:



I found most of the kitchen stuff throught this blog: Compras Adicción. Should check it out to find more design products.

I found the kitchen’s pictures through Black Eiffel but the pictures are from by Donna Griffith from Style at Home


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