Places I would like to visit: Norway

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ENG. There is so many countries I want to visit, that this would be an endless blog if I had to write all them down. So I decided I would do it one by one, with curiosities and fun stuff I fun from them. Today’s post is for Norway, an scandinavian country known for the salmon, the fiords and the aurora borealis.



  • Once there you can go to Tromso to watch whales and also aurora borealis. More info her

  • Edvard Munch is one of the major celebrities in Norway



  • You will love this norweigan fashion brand called Moods of Norway, under the idea “happy clothes for happy people”

  • Geiranger is one of the typical tourists spots in Norway. Visit this site to see an awesome 360° view

  • Scandinavians are well known around to be good designers. If Norway is not the most famous country, they also have really nice and interesting stuff. Check this site to see some of the last norweigan designs.


I guess, though, if Norway has to be famous for something is for being one of the countries with a real welfare state, and this is the main reason why I like them and envy them at the same time, as here in the South I’m afraid we would never be able to do something like them…


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