I wish I were: Adrian Johnson

advertising, design, english, ilustration, websites

ENG. Because of his designs and his multiples works for companies like Adidas, The Guardian or Volkswagen. Because humour, creativity and design can be found on a same place. Because he uses a nice palett od colours I wish I were english designer Adrian Johnson. Take a look:


Client: Self-Initiated
Date: 16.09.2010
Agency: N/A
Client: Self-Initiated / Epos Japan
Date: 06.07.2010
Agency: n/a
Crocodrile Tears
Client: The Guardian
Date: 10.05.2009
Rainbow Warrior
Client: Scion / Giant Robot
Date: 01.08.2008
Client: 2K By Gingham
Date: 19.09.2007
Client: Self-Initiated
Date: 22.07.2006
Agency: N/A
Client: Saltaire Arts Trail
Date: 11.09.2008


Client: 2K By Gingham
Date: 27.04.2006
Agency: N/A
Take a look to all his works here or follow him on Twitter here.

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