Music: The Perfect Five

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ENG. Are you sick of Spotify lists? I am. People tend to do lists with an endless number of songs, without any connection between them, without a soul. What I really hate though, is the fact that there is so many songs you would never have time to listen to them, so you always feel like you are missing something. Then, luckily, The Perfect Five came to my life.

According to its own description, The Perfect Five is a music blog for people who don’t have time for music blogs (but they still love music, I guess this is an important fact). Each week, Sophie Hirst, creator and editor of the blog chooses 5 songs which can fit into 5 different categories: Hyped, covered, classic, remixed, loved. By subscribing the newsletter you’ll get a weekly mail with the new songs, and you will be able to download as well, as some of them might be hard to find elsewhere (true story, I’ve tried hard in Spotify with any results).

A simple design with a quick text about the band and the song are the only information you’ll find, and I have to say it’s good enough for people like me  that we don’t have time for music blogs. After discover this I’ve decided I will instantly erase any Spotify list with more than 10 tracks that comes to me (except mine, of course). And, as I don’t like to annoy you with long lists, I’ll only let you 2 of the 5 songs proposed on the blog:



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