Fancy a chewing gum? Build something instead!

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ENG. Chewing gum is an extremely famous candy all around the globe. Kids and adults enjoy this flexible and sticky substance that can last for hours in your mouth. It is fun to see the chewing’s gum evolution, and how it was an unpopular product a few centuries ago (it was considered that eating chewing gum was rude and prostitutes did so). Hopefully, nowadays it has a better reputation, and besides thete are still some issues with the sugar and the dirt they cause when we dropped them on the floor, it is normal to see lots of people chewing around.

However, and according to italian artist Maurizio Savini, no one has ever done an artwork with this material. In this article appeared in The Guardian, it shows how his chewing gum sculptures had been exposed in the Testori UK Gallery in London. Colourful and flexible, the chewing gum seems to be a really useful material, don’t you think?




Found via BuzzFeed



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