Etsy ♥: Il Gatto Selvatico

art, english, fashion

ENG. Looking for stuff for the post I wrote about Norway last week I found Il Gatto Selvatico shop in Etsy. Her Norway necklace instanly attract my attention but that was before I discovered all the pretty jewlery that she has made. That’s why I decided to make her my Etsy ♥ of today. Because of this and also

– Because she likes cats, and her shop is called ‘the wild cat”

– Because she has lived in Italy and also think it’s the cat’s motherland

– Because she made me FF, and this is such an honour.

– Because she has plenty of necklaces from countries around the world, and this is awesome and really creative.

This are a few of her jewels in the shop, but you can find more here and follow her on Twitter here.




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