Le jeux des mots du métro

english, photography

ENG. The metro in Paris have been shooted for films, advertising and many more artistic works. The metro has been a mute scénario for tourists, parisians and other people travelling around the city. Many stories had happened there, many relationships had started, and I’m sure some of them have finished, too. There are douzens of metro stations along the city, all with different names. Not many people has realised the meaning of those stations, and never tried to give them an artistic look. You might now parisians, and frenchs in its extensions loves playing with words. Photographer Janol Apil has done it, with this série of great pictures I want to show you today.

Little warning, if you don’t speak french, is probable that you don’t understand the meaning and the irony of some of the pieces. Not for this reason they are bad, just try to find out the meaning in a dictionary, and I’m sure you’ll enjoy it at the end.



You can see more of her pictures here.


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