Metro/Tube/Subway, there’s creativity too!

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ENG. Friday I shared with you the awesome pictures from Janol Aplin in the metro of Paris. After posting that I realised there is so many material releated to metro that deserves to be shown as well. So, I started to digg in the web to find different short films, illustrations, photos, videos and more everything related to this public transport that all of us hate.

Metro (or subway or tube, depending on the country), it’s this smelly place where we got stucked for 30 minutes (or even more) every morning in our way to school or work. This tiny space that we have to share with a bunch of strangers. This place where we get to hear randomn discussions, smelly people, drunken homeless, and much more. But we can also find friends, creativity, art or even love. If you don’t believe me, take a look to this:

Great short film by the brothers Coen in the film Paris, je t’aime.

Advertising campaign for the short film festivan in Barcelona. Films were showed on the screens in the metro, it was really cool I must say.

Animals on the London tube map

Spot for the Madrid’s metro

Ikea advertising campaign: they have displayed furniture around Paris metro stations

Advertising campaign for the metro in Barcelona. Really sweet. the girls says “if he says something, I’ll sit” and the boy “if he sits, I’ll talk to her”

Musiciens du metro, record study for the musicians who play in the Paris metro. Evey year over 200 musicians are allowed to play in the metro, after passing a cast where around 3000 people apply. Found via Fubiz

Music with iPhone in the NYC subway

Decoration on metro lifts in Toulouse (France)


Improve Everywhere action in the NYC Subway


Paris vs NewYork metro illustration


Sources: Fubiz, BuzzFeed, Black Eiffel

I would want this post may to grow so if you have other material related to metro, don’t hesitate to contact me so I can add it here! Thanks!


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