Etsy ♥: 1AEON

english, fashion

ENG. Oh hello everyone. A few weeks ago I posted about owls on my blog (it might sound weird, but you will see it’s not if you read the article). To comple the post, I digged into Etsy to find some nice stuff to show you. I couldn’t help posting about this hoodie from 1AEON shop, as I found it was terribly cool.

I usually send a message to everyone I blog about, just to let them know and gave them the link just in case they want to take a look (also if they don’t want to be in the blog, luckily no one has ever complained, yet) : ). Anyway, Gabe from 1AEON wrote me back the sweetest words and gave me a lot of tips to help this little poor blog to look better. This post is to thank her and the company, but actually not only for that, but also because I really think you all will love what they sell:

Ok, so you all go and take a look, ok? It’s really worth it, I promise. And thanks again for the tips, I’m working on in, so expect changes soon!

You can also visit their blog here. By the way, they are in NY so unless you live on the other side of the Ocean I think you should buy their stuff online in their Etsy shop : )


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