Sharing Plates: Cooking and Coping with Cancer

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ENG. My lovely friend Joan is so awesome. She and some of her classmates made a book for their final year project (a book!). It is a cookbook with recipes for cancer patients, with personal stories of some people that suffered this illnes and that had also made their own recipes. The goal is to show that even suffering this terrible illness you might be able to cook, eat and enjoy food.

I don’t have any more details because that is all I know for the moment, but I can’t wait to take a look to it and review it properly. Anyway, the pictures they have shown until now they are really nice, and the whole idea behind the book is heartbreaking. If you live in Singapore you can order order it online, but I’m wondering if  they ship it abroad as well.

I think it’s really good to do a final year project that would actually help to improve’s someone lifestyle, and more if it’s for this horrible illness that is affecting more and more people everyday. I wish my final year project would have been something like that, so you (Joan and the rest of the group) must be really proud of what you did in here!


Take a look to their Tumblr and their Facebook Fan Page if you want to know more.


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