Say it with design: Love you daily

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ENG. I don’t want to sound corny, but I guess a bit of love is always good, isn’t it? And if saying I love you means also a good design, that’s even better. What I wanted to share with you today is a project made by amercian designer Zach Graham.

In his website he explains that saying I love you is awesome, but he wanted to give it another meaning. That’s why everyday he creates a different image with those 3 magical words, so her fiancé can feel this love in another way. A mix between illustration, graphic design and photography that spreads love around is the result of this project.

This is great, I mean, how creative must you be to create such an amazing project? And, even more, how deeply in love must you be?

You can also follow his tumblr to see more of this love images.


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