Edible Pen

design, english

ENG. So you are also this kind of person that always eat its pens? I am, and it’s not something I’m proud of. All my pens look disgusting, and I’m sure someday I’ll get poissoned with the ink. Designer Dave Hakkens had a similar problem, as he didn’t wanted to make his pen dirty, so that’s why he came out with the idea of the edible pen.

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Actually, his goal was to be able to convert a regular pen into an edible thing, since you are throwing away 90% of the pen itself (except the ink that represents only 10%). So at the end he invented this pen with a candy that never melts in your hands (that would be gross). 6 different flavours for you to enjoy. Eating a pen would never be disgusting again!



By the way, does anyone know if they actually sell this?

See the rest of the process here, and see Dave Hakkens portfolio here.


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