Ephemeral fashion: Arteest

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ENG. Under the logo “1 month, 1 designer, 1 collection“, french brand Arteest prints 1 different collection each month, with the help of designers and illustrators. Each collection would only be able to be bough online for one month, and it’s also cool because they invest part of the benefits in some non profit organisations. The march’s collection was about the different font families and how each font belonged to a different time in history.

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In Arteest they care about fashion but in another way that we are used to. They don’t care about seasons, but months and art. Their filosofy is to create a different piece of art each month, an ephemeral piece of art that would only last 30 days. So you already know, if you are running out of ideas for a present, this might be a good gift!

january: Icons


december: Mikasso

« I Like This »

novembre: I like this

ocotber: Lux

Renegade Celebrities

Septembre: Renegade Celebrities

T-shirts cost 23 Euros and can be bought online in their store.


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