Le 15 jours de la France: Sandrine Estrade, art urbain

art, english

Hallucinations de rue

ENG. You remember, when being kids, we used to look at clouds and pretend they looked like something fancy? We would say they looked like rabbits, or cars or even persons! It was fun, and creative. Some of us still do that, not only with clouds but also elsewhere. An example: how many times havn’t you thaught a house looked like a face?

We all do that, we like to imagine things are different, the reality would always be more fun. However, only Sandrine Estrade pass to the action. In her projects, she uses any element that inspires her around the city and gives it a radical change to convert it into something else. In this idea, garbage turns to be a butterfly, a broken umbrella looks like Marilyn Monroe or a McDonald bag is a girl’s bra.

I’m sure, after that, we all look not only at clouds but also to our feets!

Clickr read more to see more of her work.


If you want to check out more creative stuff, visit her website.

Via My Little Paris


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