Cool shop: Johnny Cupcakes

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ENG. What would you like to enter in a bakery and realize that they actually they are selling Tshirts? I think it would be half surprised half curious, right? Well, that’s what people from Los Angeles, Boston, London and a few places more can feel while coming into the Johnny Cupcakes stores.

Wanna take a look closer? Click “continue reading”, then.

In their shops, they offer a large variety of cool clothes, mainly tshirts with colourful designs. Their shops look like little bakeries, but there is a more complex concept behind that, starting out with a guy who wanted do to something on its own and who ended up by getting the vote for America’s #1 Young Entrepreneur of 2008 by BusinessWeek magazine. You might want to know more about him here.

Los Angeles Bakery

Newbury Bakery

Hull Bakery

London Bakery

Unfortunately, most of us can’t visit their stores, but luckily they are also selling online !


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