Tiny people, big food

english, photography

ENG. Pictures made by Christopher Boffoli made me realized that proportions do really matter. It is fun how he creates mini universes for this tiny people in places like a waffle or a broccoli. In addition, every picture has a small legend that describes the situation, which tends to be hilarious. In my case, I would also like to skate a giant cupcake, and you ?

Click “continue reading” to see some of his pictures.

Josh had a great deal of pride in what was capable with a freshly-sharpened blade

Greta and her pals enjoyed the smooth ride so much that they vowed to never again attempt a ride over the pineapples.

Dennis thought it was an unusual place for a meeting. But he wanted the contract so he held his tongue.

Hubert was glad his shift change had gone through. Shovelling double stuff had been kicking his ass.

The beekeepers knew it was a good idea to move their hives to this new location.

You can see the whole serie in the Christopher Boffoli’s Flickr, or read about the whole process in The Telegraph.


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