Make your Franklin

design, english

ENG. Even if you have never travelled to the USA you can easily identify the 100 dollars bill. Mister Benjamin Franklin had been in this bill for a long time now, and now young  designers Vincent Desdoigts, Martin Joubert and Etienne Lecorre (they are only 21 !) have a new purposal: they are asking people to send them a new design or interpretation for this historical bill.

Make your Franklin” is a project where everyone can participate, a new form to design money in this time of chrisis, where paradoxicaly it seems to be less and less important.

Click “continue reading” to discover new designs:

La Moustacherie / Toulouse

Jerry-Lee Bernard / La Rochelle

Christelle Mozzati / Lyon

Cabanes / Paris

Julien Beneyt

Wasted Rita / Porto

Benoit Coulpier

Loïc Bel / Longages

Fabio Maiorana / Viareggio

Click here to see the whole collection or here if you want to make your own apportation the project.


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