Zenta & Dase: urban art

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ENG. I hate all kind of energy drinks, but I have to admit I kind of like the concept that Burn Spain has came out with. They have decided to support all kind or urban art and sports (like most of this brands do, actually). For this reason, they have been looking for a while potential people to shoot a movie with the claim “Burn your mind”. They were asking people to contact them in order to tell them their project, and the only requisite was to be creative, to put their own rules without caring what the others would say.

Apparently, the idea turned out to be pretty good, once we’ve seen the result. In this video, Burn shows us the two winners doing this kind of special urban art, and I guess this difference was the sparkle that made them won. Anyway, enjoy it, is a really nice project, and probably it is thanks to Burn that they can be known around. See, advertising is sometimes good : ) (I guess Burn is also going to be happy for this project, since being in many blogs for free like here is their main goal)

Click “continue reading” to watch the video.

(via Juju. Gràààcies )


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