Urban graffiti: BLU

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ENG. Last summer, when we reached Lisboa (Portugal’s main city) with my sister this was one of the first things we saw. A huge graffiti that covered a whole building in one of the main streets of the city. We were impressed not only by the size but also for the quality of the drawing and the meaning of it. We just took a few randomn pictures but never really went back to see it closer. A few months later, I saw this one in Berlin:


I thaught it was nice, and meaningfull, but as well as the other one, never came back to take a decent picture. It wasn’t until a few weeks ago that I realized that both graffitis are made by the same person. Italian artist Blu has painted huge walls like this one all over Europe and also accross the Ocean. After taking a look in his site, I’ve realized I’ve seen a few more walls made from him but never realized it. Wen we first think of graffiti we always think about the mediatized Banksy, but actually there is hundeds of great artists that do similar works and they are quite unknown. This is why I think you would like to take a look to all of its images by clicking “continue reading’








Rennes, France


Warsaw, Poland


Managua, Nicaragua


In Ancona, Italy


Aarhus, Denmark


Tate Modern, London


Bethlem, Palestine

If you want to see more work of Blu, visit his awesome gallery or travel to all those destinations. That is the good think about graffiti; it’s everywhere, and it’s free !


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