Magnum Pleasure Hunt

advertising, english, websites


ENG. If you are a woman aged 18-35, if you like chocolate but you feel terribly while eating it, if you are crazy about fashion and trends and you are an active user of the Internet, hello, Magnum describes you as their perfect target. This year’s season campaign to promote their ice creams will not be Eva Longoria talking about pleasure, no. This year they’ve gone online with a pretty spectacular advergame.

The pleasure’s hunt is an online game where you have to control a girl like it was an arcade game. The difference is that this time you won’t be in a paralel world but you would be ON the Internet. Yes, that’s right. Levels would be completed while you cross Youtube, Spotify’s homepage or Dove, among many other websites that would surely interest you (remember, you are part of the target). I won’t tell you more details, as you should discover it yourself !

Creativity + Internet = Bravo !

ps. Just a recomendation: turn your speakers on while playing!


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